Press Release

Remedy Health Media Hires Steve Twilliger as Chief Financial Officer
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High Regard Show: “For Your Health” (episode 127) Featuring Jim Curtis, Director, Remedy
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PharmaVoice: Patient-Based Business Strategies with Mike Cunnion, Remedy CEO
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PharmaVoice: Patient Journeys and Storytelling featuring Karen Gaudette Brewer, Remedy Executive Editor
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Econtent: How to Strike the Right Balance Between Social and On-Site Communities, by Jim Curtis
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MM&M: National Psoriasis Foundation partners with Remedy Health Media
February 14,2018 // Read More >


Remedy Health Media Announces Relationship with National Psoriasis Foundation
February 14,2018 // Read More >


CBS46: Publix Under Fire for Denying Employee Potentially Life-saving Drug
February 02,2018 // Read More >


Daily Mail: Major Grocery Chain Under Fire for Denying HIV Prevention Drugs for Employee 'Because they have not been diagnosed with an illness'
February 01,2018 // Read More >


LBGTQ Nation: Publix grocery chain refuses to protect employees from HIV
January 31,2018 // Read More >