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USA Today: The truth about talc, parabens and 8 other controversial makeup ingredients—Featuring Jamie Kopf, Senior Editor of Berkeley Wellness
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Adotas: Brand Safety, Regulation and TV’s Decline: Three Takeaways from Advertising Week by Lindsey Guenther, Executive Vice President, Strategy & Partnerships, Remedy Health Media
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Fast Company: Hiding my chronic illness from my coworkers almost killed me—Interview with Jim Curtis, Remedy Health Media
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PM360: Alisha Bridges of Remedy Health Media Honored by PM360 and Receives the 2018 ELITE Patient Advocate Award
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Martech Today: Remedy’s New CFO—Steve Twilliger
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Remedy Health Media Hires Steve Twilliger as Chief Financial Officer
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MM&M: Remedy’s Mike Collins, EVP Sales, on How pharma and healthcare shifted strategies post-blockbuster drug success
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High Regard Show: “For Your Health” (episode 127) Featuring Jim Curtis, Director, Remedy
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