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Remedy Health Media is a leading digital health platform that inspires millions of Real Patients to live healthier and more fulfilled lives.

About Us

Remedy Health Media’s digital health platform produces emotionally engaging content, tools, and real stories that motivate millions of people living with chronic illness and their caregivers to protect and enhance their health so they can enjoy rich, fulfilling lives. Remedy prompts consumers to become more engaged in their health and take positive action to improve it, through engagement with authentic communities of health information seekers who can learn from patients and advocates, relatable physicians, pharmacists, and public health experts.

Our mission is to empower patients and caregivers with information and applications to efficiently navigate the healthcare landscape and, as a result, achieve better health through the use of our products and services.


millions of patients and caregivers to live healthier, happier lives through our intensely personal, emotionally engaging health stories and our medically vetted content and tools.


patients and caregivers with easy-to-access, actionable health and medical facts, insights, and applications that will help them throughout their illness journey.

Our Brands

Highly-targeted condition-specific site where veteran patients, health advocates, and leading medical experts share their experiences, invaluable medical information, and highly personal stories of life with chronic and serious illness. HealthCentral provides real-life support and guidance for those with life-changing conditions, along with wellness advice and interactive tools.

With point-of-care distribution, HealthCentral Guides reach patients directly with medically-reviewed educational material, tools, and resources for specific health conditions , as well as preparing them to have more effective doctor visits. Covering symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and strategies for living day-to-day with an illness, guides are designed to stimulate a more productive doctor-patient conversation. Every guide features Remedy Health Media’s award-winning patient empowerment initiative, Live Bold, Live Now, which reflects the spirit of living boldly with a chronic condition. These real patient stories coupled with expert content can drive action and influence treatment choices.

Delivering vital information, news, support, and personal experiences on HIV and related issues, TheBody is the essential HIV/AIDS community resource. For more than 20 years, TheBody has fostered a trusted, inclusive community of authentic voices that gives people diagnosed with HIV/AlDS the motivation to live their healthiest lives, and provides essential HIV prevention information for at-risk groups. TheBody leverages relationships with top experts, health professionals, advocacy organizations, and expert patients to create and curate medically-reviewed and motivating content for the entire HIV/AIDS community.

Committed to serving a highly-engaged and dedicated group of HIV healthcare professionals, TheBodyPro informs and supports the HIV workforce with up-to-date information, valuable perspectives, patient-doctor partnership stories, and authentic professional voices. The site provides up-to-date HIV research, news, conference coverage, and peer-to-peer insights to help clinicians better serve those living with HIV and those at risk, and to support HIV professionals so that they can provide complete and effective clinical, economic, psychological, and social assistance to their patients.

Produced in collaboration with the University of California, Berkeley, School of Public Health, Berkeley Wellness is the leading online resource for evidence-based wellness and health information. The site is committed to providing positive health and medical tips to help people improve their health in mind and in body, by covering topics such as supplements, healthy eating, fitness, psychological wellbeing, healthy community, and smart self-care.

For more than three decades, EndocrineWeb has served as the most trusted destination for patients and healthcare professionals looking for information on endocrine conditions—including diabetes, thyroid cancer, and hyper- and hypothyroidism. Supported by a clinical advisory board of world-renowned doctors, EndocrineWeb’s long-standing commitment to deliver relevant, trusted patient content, which consistently appears in top search results. EndocrineWebPro is the leading brand for endocrinologists and other endo-related specialists, offering clinical study news, professional society meeting highlights, and in-depth reviews of critical endocrinology topics, resulting in better care for patients and more effective clinical practice.

Here, it’s all diabetes all the time—from prediabetes and gestational diabetes to types 1 and 2 and LADA (a little-known version of slow-moving diabetes). Offering medically reviewed articles, webinars, and videos on the most effective ways to manage blood glucose, diet, exercise, mental health, and medications, OTD also features inspirational stories and recipes. It is also the only diabetes website with a podcast, The James Beard Award-winning Diabetes Dish, and offers an app to help people with all types of diabetes stay the course.

Since its creation in the 1990s, has been a leader in addressing mental health and helping break stigma. Now the third largest mental health site, it has grown into an essential resource on depression, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and many other conditions. Via patient stories, expert interviews, popular assessment tools, and engaging imagery, people with mental illness receive both crucial information—and hope. offers its professional audience news and research, medical meeting highlights, and in-depth analysis of key pain topics. PPM serves as a critical resource for a variety of physician specialties looking for practical advice to help patients manage challenging, painful conditions. The patient focused area on PPM provides must-know info on chronic pain conditions and symptoms, advice on treatment options, and empowering stories of people overcoming pain to live better lives.

The Practical Pain Management (PPM) digital journal is the nation’s only teaching journal for practitioners on the treatment of chronic pain. PPM articles are written by leading experts and reviewed by an editorial board of more than 35 highly regarded pain management experts.

Founded by orthopedic spine surgeon Stewart G. Eidelson, M.D., who remains with the brand, SpineUniverse is one of the most visited back- and neck-focused sites on the web. The site provides resources for both spine professionals and patients on spinal disorders including osteoarthritis, herniated discs, inflammatory arthritis, osteoporosis, and chronic pain. The pro side’s specialty is patient case studies: After being reviewed by the SpineUniverse editorial board, case studies are vetted by spine professionals who engage with their physician colleagues and “vote” for one of the treatment choices.

From Our Partners

Health and Wellness Email Alerts are a free public service provided by the University of California, Berkeley, School of Public Health, in conjunction with Remedy Health Media. The alerts are an outgrowth of the school’s commitment to the health and wellness of our community of readers, which it fulfills by publishing expert advice on prevention, diagnosis, and treatment for a range of ailments and disorders. The alerts provide trusted, authoritative health guidance from our network of leading physicians and researchers at top medical centers and hospitals.

Remedy's Live Bold, Live Now initiative reflects the spirit of living boldly with a chronic condition and motivates our audience to take action and strive to reach their health goals. These multi-media and photojournalistic experiences showcase personal stories of real patients who, while living with a chronic condition, have accomplished great personal and physical feats. The Live Bold, Live Now storytelling platform is the hallmark of Remedy’s innovative, empowering approach to health, which provides expert, actionable content and a community of support for Remedy’s engaged audiences.


Michael Cunnion
Chief Executive Officer

As CEO, Mike is responsible for Remedy’s strategic vision and growth, including overseeing its operations and establishing a culture of productivity, innovation, and collaboration.

Erica Hembree
Chief Financial Officer

Erica oversees all aspects of the company’s finances and is responsible for delivering sound operational and financial strategies to take the company to the next level of growth.

Paul Gartner
Chief Technology Officer, Executive Vice President of Engineering

Paul leads the digital products engineering team that develops Remedy's direct-to-consumer and enterprise technology platforms. He is responsible for defining the long-term technology strategy and vision for Remedy's innovative digital products.

Mike Collins
Executive Vice President, Sales

Mike leads the sales and marketing teams for Remedy’s growing digital, custom, and point-of-care print business lines.

Lindsey Guenther
Executive Vice President, Strategy & Partnerships

Lindsey is responsible for sourcing, building, and developing strong partnerships and businesses that help the company deliver the best products to our audiences and customers. She is also responsible for creating and executing strategic growth initiatives for Remedy’s portfolio of brands and products.

Aryeh Lebeau
Executive Vice President, Client Operations

Aryeh is responsible for the execution and performance of the company’s advertising programs across all therapeutic categories. He oversees Remedy’s client service, ad operations, and marketing analytics teams.

David Lee
Executive Vice President, Subscription

David leads strategy and operations for the company’s subscription-based print and digital publications, including direct marketing, circulation and fulfillment, production and distribution, database, planning, and product development and rejuvenation.

Brent Phelps
Executive Vice President, Data and Strategy

Brent is responsible for developing, leading, and implementing strategy on all aspects of Data, SEO, and Programmatic Advertising for Remedy Health Media. He works across multiple Remedy teams to successfully scale digital media.

Dennis Upah
Executive Vice President, Healthcare Markets

Dennis oversees strategy and management of Remedy’s growing portfolio of hospital, medical device and diagnostics, insurer, government agency, clinical trial, and other healthcare clients. By using a consultative approach, he leverages the company’s extensive experience to assist healthcare marketing executives seeking to engage and/or recruit highly specific patient populations, or market to specific medical professionals via Remedy’s portfolio of HCP sites.

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